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Overland Park Historical Society Preserves the History of Overland Park

The Overland Park Historical Society was founded in 1966 to preserve the history of Overland Park. Society has done a fantastic job of fulfilling this mission, and today operates two museums and a research library. The Overland Park History Center is located in downtown Overland Park. It contains exhibits on the city's history, including its early days as a rural town, growth into a suburban community, and role in World War II. The Overland Park Museum of History is also located in Overland Park. It features exhibits on the Native American culture that once inhabited this area and exhibits on local businesses and families. Information can be found here.

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The Overland Park Historical Society is a vital part of the Overland Park community. They work to preserve the history of Overland Park and make it available to everyone. This includes researching, collecting, and preserving Overland Park's historical artifacts. They also offer educational programs and events for people of all ages. It started as a small group passionate about preserving Overland Park's history. Today, society has over 200 members and continues to grow every year. Their mission is to "collect, preserve, interpret and make available the history of Overland Park and its neighborhoods for present and future generations. See here for information about Johnson County Museum in Overland Park, KS: A Must-See for History Buffs.

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